A Memorable Lesson


Once upon a long time ago in the past, in the Kingdom of animals, there was a grasshopper named Freddy. He was a smart guy but very lazy. That year, all the animals in the Kingdom got weather alerts. It warned that there would be the coldest winter ever in the history of animals. Everyone hurried to find the reserved food and a place to survive across the cold weather. There was an ant family. They were finding food and other necessary items at the valley.

” Honey! Can you pick up that apple over there ?” said mother ant.

” I got it! ” said father ant.

” Mom ? How about this box ?” said one of the sons.

” Just pick it up because we can use that to store containing the food ,” said mother ant.

While the ants were working really hard, Freddy was still laying in the shadow of a birch.


” Why are you guys so hasty ?” said Freddy. ” It is still summer time.”

” Oh! Did you watch the weather forecast ?” asked father ant.

” There will be the longest winter that we have ever had ,” said mother ant.

” I heard about that. I can easily find food and an abode in a few days, ” said Freddy presumptuously.

” Oh! Okay! I hope that you will be fine !” said father ant.

” Yeah. I will be fine for sure. Last winter, I was in a really warm and nice place. I laid in a comfortable chair and enjoyed my cup of tea ,” said Freddy.

Mother ant felt uncomfortable with the presumption of Freddy: ” We have to go. “


Unfortunately, the winter came earlier than it had been, and there was a lot of snow and rain. The temperature was under thirty degrees . Everyone had their own abode to stay inside; however, Freddy could not find anywhere to stay. Because everyone had collected all the necessary things for the winter, Freddy could not find anything to eat. He was walking in the rain. He felt cold and hungry. Suddenly, he smelled food, and he tried to find where it came from. In front of him, there was a big house with light and music. He guessed there was a party. He knocked on the door to beg for some food. Somebody opened the door, and Freddy realized that they were the ant family with whom he had a conversation before.”


” Hello! ” Freddy said.

” How can I help you ?” asked father ant.

” I am so hungry and cold. I am wondering if you can give me some food ,”

” Sure! …Mmm you look familiar. Did I meet you somewhere ? asked Jeszias.

” We had a conversation a few week ago ,” father ant said.

Mother ant remembered Freddy, and she asked him to have dinner with them.

” So now you know what I said before was serious, right ?” mother at asked.

Freddy just bowed his face down.

” I should have listened to you earlier ,” Freddy said.

” It is a good lesson to you. Remember it ,” mother ant said.

” Okay! Let’s eat everyone !” father ant.

I was fortunately that Freddy met a kind ant family. It was a time that Freddy remembered until he died. He had became cautious about his life and wanted to help them.

550 words

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